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This is the podcast for people who want to share adventure like a pro – with their friends, family, or as a profession.

Each episode explores a different aspect of adventure delivery with top experts to get their best stories, insights, and trade secrets.

Learn what it takes to deliver epic experiences to yourself and others, from the mountains to the office, and beyond. Go farther, become better and achieve more.

Chris Kaipio and Jordy Shepherd explore the essential skills and techniques that adventure industry experts use to delivery personal growth. Listen as adventure guides, managers, and promoters share their best advice on leadership, managing risk, coaching, and how to achieve experiences worth remembering.

Topics include risk assessment, decision making, leadership, emergency response, crisis management, trip planning, memory building, marketing, capturing experiences, teaching new skills, improving performance, overcoming challenge, resiliency, communicating risk, and experience delivery.

Whether you are leading people up the corporate ladder or to the tops of the world’s highest peaks, Delivering Adventure can help you to take yourself and others farther.


[00:00:00] Barry Blanchard: Uh, Troy and I went back with a tape measure and measured it. We went 56 feet up, a 65 foot high Engelmann spruce, and the bear came 33 feet up the tree before he decided to go day out. And, uh, initially my response was to scream for help in a voice that I didn’t even recognize coming out of my own body.

[00:00:21] Chris Kaipio: Do you want to learn how to master adventure? Do you want to be able to take yourself and others farther? Launching this October. Delivering Adventure is the podcast for people who want to achieve and share epic experiences like a pro delivering adventure features, top adventure guides, athletes, managers and marketers sharing their best stories, advice, and trade secrets.

[00:00:48] Tracey Fraser: When I’m thinking about delivering adventure, it’s taking a group of people where they’re going to get the feeling of wow.

[00:00:55] Lynsey Dyer: And so that was my intention, is to hit this thing with as much speed as possible. And I did, and the only thing that I didn’t account for was, it was so big that, um, I hit terminal velocity

[00:01:08] Will Gadd: and they all didn’t like what I was proposing, which was climb Niagara falls.

I thought it was a great idea and, and unfortunately nobody else did. What would

[00:01:17] Sarah Hueniken: What would happen if I fell on this pitch where I am 40 meters out and I was knocked unconscious? Like what would happen? And I was like, I, I don’t know what would happen, right? And I’m like, Exactly. It can’t happen!

[00:01:32] Geoff Powter: It’s really important to understand that in order for people to bother taking risks, they have to see the point in taking that risk.

[00:01:40] Bruce Wilson: and so these two guys were cold. Like they were cold. And this one guy was in shock for sure. And so the double kayak and I look back out to see where that. It’s gone. I can’t see it because what’s happened now is that we’ve got this mayhem as far as the water, but we’ve also got Sea fog rolling in. So, it’s just like somebody’s pulled a blanket over the whole situation and it’s just lights out.

[00:02:02] Chris Kaipio: hear from the experts, what it really takes to deliver adventure to yourself, your friends, your family, and as a profession.

[00:02:10] Greg Hill: To me, it became quite clear I was on Mount Manley, the eight Pius Peak in the world, and we witnessed this. Avalanche that caught 30 people sleeping in their tents and quite a few people passed away.

[00:02:21] And what really hit home for me that day is that I felt like a lot of them had not understood that they’re being risky and that they’re taking, taking risks.

[00:02:30] Chris Kaipio: Some of these industry insiders are featured in this trailer and include Barry Blanchard, Tracy Fraser, Lindsay Dyer, Will Gad, Sarah. Jeff Powder, Bruce Wilson, Greg Hill, and Jordy Shepard.


[00:02:46] Jordy Shepherd Then you’re in a machine and getting dropped off at the top of a mountain that you’ve had three seconds to look at, and then you gotta find your way down from the top blind. Yeah, I think that’s a really good one, and that’s a tool I use when teaching a fair amount. It’s like, well, you know, we don’t think this is gonna happen, but if it did and we’re all sitting around, would we think we made good decisions that day or not?

[00:03:06] Lynsey Dyer: And that’s what it’s gonna take to be bigger and scarier than whatever. That you are sizing up and, and what it takes, You know, there, there can be no hesitation or gentleness out there in some ways, and, and I think that’s, no one really talks about it.

[00:03:22] Chris Kaipio: Go to delivering right now to start your journey towards mastering adventure from the mountains to the office and.

[00:03:34] Barry Blanchard: He grabbed this guy by the look be and said, For God’s sakes man, pull yourself together and shook him. And that kinda worked.

[00:03:46] Chris Kaipio: subscribe now so that you don’t miss out.

[00:03:48] Jordy Shepherd: It’s a real perception based thing, right? This, this whole idea of adventure.

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