S2.E16: Building an Adventure Company with Chris Winter

Building an Adventure Company with Chris Winter

What does it take to build and operate a successful adventure company? In this episode, Chris Winter joins Chris and Jordy to discuss how he has built Big Mountain Adventures, from the ground up. Chris shares some of his successes and challenges and the mindset that goes into running a successful adventure company.

Chris Winter grew up bike touring in Europe with his parents, who ran a road cycling tour company. After a career as a professional skier competing and participating in ski films, Chris followed his parents’ footsteps and founded Big Mountain Adventures. Launched in 2002, Whistler based Big Mountain Adventures has grown to employ 25 guides running mountain bike trips and courses in 14 countries.

In addition to owning and operating Big Mountain Adventures, Chris Winter teaches steep skiing clinics for Extremely Canadian at Whistler Blackcomb. He has also founded the not for profit Zero Ceiling that hosts disadvantaged youth on the slopes of Whistler Blackcomb.

Guest Bio

Chris Winter is a former ski racer. Level IV CSIA ski instructor, level III high-performance ski coach, celebrated technical skier, sponsored big mountain skier featured in magazines and films. Currently teaching steep skiing clinics at Whistler Blackcomb for Extremely Canadian.

Chris is the Owner and Founder of Big Mountain Adventures. Chris founded Big Mountain Adventures in 2002. During this time, he has built his tour company into the leader in guided mountain bike travel featuring award-winning adventures in 14 countries. Check out their new eMTB trips!

Chris is also the owner of the Bralorne Adventure Lodge. Ready for a boutique mountain experience? Step out the door to spectacular wilderness & endless adventures…then recharge at our backyard spa.

In addition to operating adventure-based businesses, Chris has also created and developed Zero Ceiling. This is an innovative and respected registered non-profit that hosts disadvantaged youth to the slopes of Whistler Blackcomb. From local First Nations to street youth to youth from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, participants benefit from a day of snowboard lessons, or if chosen participate in a year-long program that teaches them to become employees at Whistler Blackcomb and give them life-long life skills.

Guest Links

Big Mountain Adventures: https://www.ridebig.com
Bralorne Adventure Lodge: https://www.bralorneadventurelodge.com
Zero Ceiling: https://zeroceiling.org

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