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Season 2: Trailer

Delivering Adventure returns with Season 2. In this season, we continue to explore what it really takes to share adventure like a pro – with yourself, your family, your friends and as a profession.

Listen as top adventure guides, instructors, managers and marketers share their best stories, insights and trade secrets on how you can take yourself and others further.

This second season focusses on introducing the essential adventure skills like decision making, communicating risk, leadership, skill improvement, and so much more.

Your hosts Chris Kaipio and Jordy Shepherd use their extensive knowledge to supplement the lessons that their expert guests bring. Each episode explores a new topic with the goal being to tell the story of what it takes to deliver adventure at a pro level.

Go further, become better an achieve more. That’s Delivering Adventure.

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S2.E15: How to Work Through Adversity with Jill Wheatley

S2.E15: How to work through adversity with Jill WheatleyWhat does it take to work through adversity? What happens when that adversity is coming from an injury that has transformed our life? These are two of the questions that Jill Wheatley helps us...

S2.E16: Case Study: Communicating Under Stress with Erin Tierney

Case Study: Communicating Under Stress with Erin TierneyHow should a leader communicate to people when they are under stress? One of the hardest situations that a leader can find themselves in, is managing a group that isn’t doing what the leader...

S2.E13: Knowing When to go for it with Mike Adolph

Knowing When to go for it with Mike Adolph How can we ever know when we should turn back or keep going? On paper, the safest decision to make is often to turn around or choose the route that takes on less risk. However, in reality, delivering...

S2.E12: Managing Plan Continuation Bias with Mike Adolph

Managing Plan Continuation Bias with Mike AdolphHave you ever pushed forward with something even when it became closer that you should probably change your plan or abort? If so, you may have succumbed to plan continuation bias. When this happens, we...

S2.E11: Managing Misadventure with Moose Mutlow

Managing Misadventure with Moose MutlowCan misadventure be turned into a positive experience? In this episode we are joined by Moose Mutlow who helps us to better understand what misadventure is, and how we can find value in it.Moose has nearly...

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